Where to start.....

I remember being about 8 when I got my first camera. You know, one of those pink flat cameras. I would run around snapping pictures of everything. I must have cost my parents a fortune with all the film I developed. I actually think we still have some undeveloped rolls.

My real interest began in high school while in photojournalism. I have Mrs. Z to thank for triggering my interest and introducing me to the true beauty of photography.

After high school I continued with photography, but only as a hobby. I would take pictures at family events or when out with friends. Finally, I invested in my first digital camera. Now, it was nothing fancy, but I was back in action.

Working at Dell Children's Hospital, every kiddo I saw I would think of different ways I could take their picture. Then, it seemed everyone I knew was having a baby. Finally, the flash went off! Ooooh ooooh, I want to capture all of these beautiful moments. Well, one led to two and two led to three and now I am here at this point.

Every week I meet a new family or individual and every week I capture their natural qualities and happiness with my camera. I focus mainly on candid shots, because they have the best stories.

It is a true blessing that I am able to express my creativity by capturing some of life’s most beautiful moments. My career is my passion and I love it! Now, I want to share my passion with you.